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Barnum Floors, Inc. <br> Kathy & Gary Barnum<br>NWFA Member
Barnum Floors, Inc.
Kathy & Gary Barnum
NWFA Member
Clive, Iowa
Customer since - 2002
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Barnum Floors can only say positive comments about Allegheny Mt & the Hickman family. We have been purchasing their flooring for the last 15 years where we obtain all our plank, Rift & Quartered & Livesawn lumber at competitive prices. The wood is exceptional ~ milled and kiln dried to perfection. We have never had a challenge associated with any flooring and receive top-notch service from both the office and the mill. Highly recommend you give them a try. You will not be disappointed.
Apex Wood Floors  <br>John Lessick <br>NWFA Member
Apex Wood Floors
John Lessick
NWFA Member
Chicago, IL
Customer Since - 2003
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Denny, I value AMHF and the relationship with you and the entire Hickman family. The manner in which you approach people, business and your products is first class and with the utmost integrity. We have enclosed for you a picture of the rift & quarter sawn white oak you supplied for us. As you can see, it turned out beautifully. We look forward to doing business with you in the future!
Floors by the Shore <br>Adam Bissey <br>NWFA Member
Floors by the Shore
Adam Bissey
NWFA Member
New Jersey
Customer Since - 2012
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I have been purchasing my unfinished Hardwood Flooring from Allegheny Mountain for some time now. In my opinion no one does it better. Their quality is second to none. Their passion for what they do shows through every step of the way, from Jessica in Sales and Pat in the yard. They are pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend their products to anyone looking for FSC certified beautiful flooring. Their Quarter and Rift Sawn White Oak is what I have in my own house and it looks better each day!
Berlin Flooring <br>Scott Tarpinian <br>NWFA Member
Berlin Flooring
Scott Tarpinian
NWFA Member
Boulder, CO
Customer Since - 2012
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I've purchased AMHF for several projects and I'm always blown away at how nice their floors look when I'm done. The milling quality of their flooring is superb. Their grading is spot-on; what you see in their photo gallery is what you get. Their live-sawn is a truly unique product in the hardwood flooring industry. I've purchased both red oak and white oak in RQ and you won't find any plain-sawn flooring mixed in (unlike some other manufacturers). I also like purchasing my flooring from a small, family-owned company. I've had the opportunity to meet Jess and Denny Hickman and they are warm, genuine people.
Integrity Wood Floors  <br>Corey Cathcart <br>NWFA Member
Integrity Wood Floors
Corey Cathcart
NWFA Member
Tampa, FL
Customer Since - 2014
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I've purchased AMHF for several projects and I'm always blown away at how nice their floors look when I'm done. The experience Allegheny Flooring have developed over 4 generations is evident in the quality of the lumber. They do not miss delivery dates and always deliver a quality product and customer experience. Spend a little more for the best. You will be glad you did. Support our American sawmills.
Lang Architecture <br>Drew Lang
Lang Architecture
Drew Lang
New York City, NY
Customer Since - 2012
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Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring is a superior company in every respect, from raw materials, process and finished product to service and communications We have found working with Allegheny on our Hudson Woods project to be very rewarding and we plan to continue working with them on many future projects.
Architect / Developer  <br>Robert Baumbach
Architect / Developer
Robert Baumbach
Pittsburgh, PA
Customer Since - 2017
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As a developer and architect, I get to see many floors and the Allegheny Mountain product has the high-end quality and appearance to be installed anywhere. Our development company used 4” natural grade R&Q white oak on a recent renovation and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone that came into the house commented on the beauty of the wood flooring. We were impressed by how easy it was to install and how little waste we had. We sold the renovated house for the highest cost per-square-foot in the area, in just two weeks, and I’m sure we got that high number because of the hardwood floors that we installed.
Builder / Developer  <br>Raymond Sekula
Builder / Developer
Raymond Sekula
Pittsburgh, PA
Customer Since - 2019
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Adrienne, I wanted to let you know that the fellow who is installing my floor, who is very experienced and is also a skilled craftsman, informed me that “I must’ve been working with junk all my life. I’ve never worked with flooring material anywhere near this high of quality.”
Builder / Developer  <br>Pat Taber
Builder / Developer
Pat Taber
Bangor, Maine
Customer Since - 2014
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I am a builder who constructed a high-end home on the coast of Maine for very discriminating homeowners. They, and their architect, wanted a custom blend of grades and lengths of quarter sawn white oak flooring with very specific characteristics. Allegheny provided us with a product that not only exceeded the owner's expectations but was at a reasonable cost. This was very impressive considering the additional work it took to understand the blend desired and to provide it. They were also very friendly and professional throughout the process and delivered the product when promised.
One of a Kind Design  <br>Julie Graf
One of a Kind Design
Julie Graf
Pittsburgh, PA
Customer Since - 2008
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I am an interior designer and have worked with AMHF for several years. The Hickman family has been doing it right for generations. They help with selecting the right wood and cut and help fit the customers' budget. The company's core values and the fact that they have been managing their supply forests for years and produce FSC flooring is icing on the cake! My personal favorite is the Live Sawn White Oak. So much character and natural beauty! I love it so much, I used it in my own home and admire it every day!
Savory Interior Design  <br>Nancy Spears Sakino
Savory Interior Design
Nancy Spears Sakino
Pittsburgh, PA
Customer Since - 2013
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The best kept secret for the world of wood flooring is right here in Pennsylvania. We are so lucky to have Allegheny Mountain Hardwood. They have the most beautiful and high quality of wood grown right in our state. Allegheny Mountain Hardwood is my "go to" wood flooring resource. As an interior designer I work with all types of clients and budgets. I am able to give my clients the "absolute best" for their budget- every time bar none!
Interior Designer  <br>Leanne Ford
Interior Designer
Leanne Ford
Customer Since 2017
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Jessica and her team at Allegheny Mountain have been amazing to work with. It was great to visit their mill and see the production for one of our episodes on Season 1 (of Restored by the Fords). They are knowledgeable, easy and extremely helpful! Our first project we used the white oak live sawn herringbone. We’ve also used their Rift & Quarter Sawn Beech. Their wood is all gorgeous and only the best quality! We love working with Hickman woods.
Home Owner  <br>Erica Loll
Home Owner
Erica Loll
Pittsburgh, PA
Project Date – April 2016
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All the staff at Allegheny Mountain hardwood are true professionals! You will not find another company as dedicated to their product. Our hardwoods came out perfect and exactly how we hoped they would. It is the first thing our guests comment on when they come to our home. We couldn't be more pleased with our floors! I recommend this company to everyone who asks about hardwoods.
Home Owner  <br>Dayton Stone
Home Owner
Dayton Stone
Flint, MI
Project Date – April 2019
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Every part of my experience with Allegheny Mountain's product and staff deserves the highest recommendation. We chose clear rift and quartered red oak and it is so stunning that I may throw away my rugs. The ordering process was a delight. The milling is excellent, true to grade, and again - stark raving gorgeous. I am so happy with the flooring and the company that next time I'm in PA I would want to visit their showroom. 5 stars is not enough.
Home Owner  <br>Will Price
Home Owner
Will Price
Princeton, NJ
Project Date – May 2018
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Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring is awesome. We have beautiful beech flooring from the them. The builder, architect, and all who see them are marveled and envious. Seriously. Beech. Great flooring. Could not be happier. There is nothing more gratifying than adorning your home with beautiful American hardwoods and working with a family-owned business that does top-notch work. Really cannot recommend them enough. I only hope that you have the excuse and the chance to put some of their beech flooring in your home.
Home Owner  <br>Amber Burgin
Home Owner
Amber Burgin
Project Date – November 2018
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We had such a wonderful experience with Allegheny Mountain Flooring from the initial inquiry to the delivery. The flooring is beautiful and of superb quality. Customer service is top notch and Zach was amazing to work with. I had reservations making this type of purchase online site unseen, but the product and service did not disappoint.

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