Planting 100 Oak Trees!

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The Hickman family worked together to plant 100 oak trees on personal family property. This property was harvested in 2018.

Save the Planet by Using More Wood Products From Properly Managed Forests.

FSC walking timber audit 2012

Do you want to save the planet? We need more forests. Did you know we can naturally grow more trees, have more healthy forests that remove carbon at a faster rate if we use more wood products? The wood products store carbon just like the old living tree, but cutting that tree allows younger trees to grow which sequester carbon at a faster rate.

Loving the Land Through Working Forests

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  I went to a  really interesting event the other day about timber management in Western PA.  “Loving the Land Through Working Forests Conference” in Titusville, PA. It was put on by the Foundation for Sustainable Forests and the Forest Guild This organization started by Troy and Lynn Firth in 2004 to manage and protect […]

Hickman Timber Management in Elk State Forest – White Oak Regeneration

There is a place in Pennsylvania not too far from Hickman Lumber & Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring where elk roam wild.   Elk are native to PA, but they had been over hunted and extinct to the area by 1877.  The Pennsylvania DCNR (Department of Conservation & Natural Resources) has Hickman Lumber harvesting this state […]

Cruising Timber in Western PA

Cruising Timber

[space height=”10″] I  went out cruising timber with Kerrylee, one of our foresters, to get a better feel for a property that was for sale. Basically cruising timber is just collecting an inventory of the trees on a stand and gathering the information for an analysis. There is a prospectus with an analysis of the sale, […]

Hickman Timber Management Plan

Hickman Timber Management Plan

Responsible stewardship today… sustained growth and income tomorrow. This is all information I’ve gathered from our foresters and / or in the Hickman Timber Management guide books for Foresters. A lot goes into planning a harvest for a properly managed, FSC certified, cut and unless carefully planned, removal of forest products can adversely affect the environment. […]

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