Save the Planet by Using More Wood Products From Properly Managed Forests.

FSC walking timber audit 2012

Do you want to save the planet? We need more forests. Did you know we can naturally grow more trees, have more healthy forests that remove carbon at a faster rate if we use more wood products? The wood products store carbon just like the old living tree, but cutting that tree allows younger trees to grow which sequester carbon at a faster rate.

Loving the Land Through Working Forests

Forest Trees Background Image

  I went to a  really interesting event the other day about timber management in Western PA.  “Loving the Land Through Working Forests Conference” in Titusville, PA. It was put on by the Foundation for Sustainable Forests and the Forest Guild This organization started by Troy and Lynn Firth in 2004 to manage and protect […]

The Birthplace of Forestry – Asheville NC

I was fortunate to visit the “Birthplace of Forestry” in the United States. Just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, George W. Vanderbuilt built his country home in the 1880s. This home, The Biltmore, known as “America’s Largest Home” was modeled after a French chateaux, has 4 acres of floor space, 250 rooms, 34 bedrooms, 43 […]

PA Forestry: A short history on Silviculture

Forested Hills Along Clarion River

When the Europeans first came to Pennsylvania around 90% of the state was covered thick with forest.  There are even reports of early explores being claustrophobic due to the heavy covering of the woods.  The general perception during the early part of our country’s history, with regards to forests, was that land needed to be […]

Hunt for Veneer Logs

White Oak Veneer Potentials

I’ve been out cruising timber over the last few weeks and we are always looking for veneer quality trees.  Veneer logs are the finest and rarest in the forest and a large portion of a quality stand’s timber value is derived from this small fraction of trees.  A high quality timber stand would possibly have 20% […]

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