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The Hickman family has a long history in the hardwood forest products and service industries. Today, the fourth generation, family-owned business has grown to include Hickman Timber Management, Inc. and Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring as value-added businesses of their own. What started out with founder Harry Hickman logging with a crosscut saw and a team of horses in 1938, has become a leader in sustainable Appalachian hardwood timber management, products, and services.

We offer World-Class, Northern Appalachian, 100% FSC Certified Hardwood Lumber & Veneer Logs for your Wood Product Manufacturing

A Hickman employee guides a log through a conveyor, heading toward saws and machinery within a sawmill

Specializing in Rift & Quarter Sawn and Live Sawn

After two devastating fires in the 1980s, Hickman Lumber was rebuilt to cut specifically for Rift & Quarter Sawn. We have perfected the art and science of cutting and drying this beautiful specialty lumber. 

Hickman Lumber began cutting live sawn in the early 2000s to yield more R&Q lumber by utilizing smaller logs. The result led to the extremely popular live sawn cut which features a mix of grain and natural characteristics.

You can trust Hickman Lumber to deliver the finest quality hardwoods without compromise. All orders are prepped and shipped as requested by truck, rail, or container loading. Straight and mixed loads accepted.

Rift Sawn

AMHF - Rift Sawn - Cutting Diagram

Quarter Sawn

AMHF - Quarter Sawn - Cutting Diagram

Live Sawn

Great Quality Takes Great Care

The Importance of Drying Lumber

Craftsman Quality

The products offered by Hickman Lumber include rift & quarter sawn Red Oak & White Oak, plain sawn Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Hickory & Beech, and 10” and wider Red Oak, selects, and Cherry veneer logs.

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