Planting 100 Oak Trees!

Hickman Family plants 100 Red Oak Trees on Family Property

Hickman Family

The Hickman family worked together to plank 100 oak trees on some personal family property that was recently harvested.   When we manage, we typically allow for natural regeneration and don’t do any planting.  However, we wanted to give it an extra push to grow some quality timber on this property.    With all these kids, we are thinking about college, or more likely, their kids’ college funds!   

This property was clear-cut in the 70s by previous owners.  It grew back with a ton of birch and other less desirable species.  Hickman Lumber harvested the property in 2018.  The goal is to turn this into an uneven-aged forest.   We’ll keep you updated over the years.    Follow #hickmanacres on Instagram!  

HIckman Tree planting timber management demonstration. Teaching the youth
Tree planting - oak trees
Hickman Acres tree planting

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” — Greek Proverb.

Future Generations - Teaching the Youth. Hickman future, planting trees
Dennis HIckman with his 9 grandkids -oldest to youngest. 2023

Hickman Acres - harvested in 2018 - photos

Preharvest 2018
Hickman Acres pre harvest October 2018
Hickman Acres 2018
Hickman Acres - Oct. 2020 - 2 years post cut (7)
Hickman Acres - Oct. 2020 - 2 years post cut

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