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Hickman Family Timeline

2010 - Present
Harry Hickman - Logging with Horse Painting
The Seed was Planted
Although Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring wasn’t established until the year 2000, the seed was originally planted in the 1930s. This is when Harry Hickman Jr. began logging with a crosscut saw and a team of horses. This is a self portrait painted by Harry Hickman Jr.
First Lumber Mill Circa 1945
Roots were Formed
A permanent sawmill was built in 1945 in the heart of the Allegheny plateau, known worldwide for quality hardwood timbers. This was the beginning of what would become Hickman Lumber Company, which today produces over 10 million board ft. of high quality hardwood logs per year.
Harry Hickman - Mill Painting On SawBlade
The Stem Grew Tall
The Hickman Lumber Company grew after Harry’s son, Larry, purchased Hickman lumber and took over operations. He increased production and purchased local timberland. Larry is a passionate woodsman and began practicing sustainable timber management long before the FSC existed.
Harry (Great Poppy), Larry, Dennny, and Jake Hickman
The branches spread out
In 1980 Larry’s son, Dennis, graduated from NHLA school and begins full-time to work at Hickman Lumber. Photo includes 4 generations of Hickman men. Seated is Harry Hickman, Jr., Larry (top left) Dennis (top right), and Jake.
Regeneration after tragedy
The early 1980s saw continued growth including adding dry kilns to the operation. Unfortunately, the rest of the 80s brought struggles with two fires. One in 1984 and one in 1989 each destroying the mill. However, we turned this tragedy into an opportunity and rebuilt the sawmill with a slant line bar and horizontal resaw to develop a better rift & quarter sawn product.
Hickman Timber Management - FSC-Group
First FSC certification in PA
Proper timber management has always been important to the Hickman family and in 1999 Hickman Lumber and Hickman Timber Management became the first mill in Pennsylvania to become FSC Certified through Smartwood.
AMHF takes root
Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring was formed with the intention of providing a rift & quarter sawn flooring product to the industry. Allegheny was the first to offer a character grade R&Q flooring product and were also the first to introduce “live sawn” flooring.
Award Winning Floors
Allegheny Mountain’s flooring is consistently used by top installers across the nation. Multiple NWFA Hardwood Floor of the Year Awards have been installed using AMHF flooring.
Hardwood Floors Magazine 40-Under-40 Jess-Jake
4th generation joins
4th generation, Jake & Jessica Hickman, take positions in the family's businesses. Their abilities and contributions have enabled our companies to continue to grow. Highlights include making the cover of NWFA’s Hardwood Floors Magazine and we were also featured on This Old House and on HGTV’s Restored by the Fords.

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