Leanne Ford makes Red Oak White!

Red Oak RQ Clear

Leanne Ford uses Red Oak Rift & Quarter Sawn Hardwood Floors

Red Oak RQ Clear Leanne Ford hardwood floors

We love working with Leanne Ford!   We are lucky to have such a talented national star working and living close to us. 

Recently, she called me to talk about her new project. It is this cute craftsman-style home in the south hills of Pittsburgh that needed flooring.  Of course, she naturally wanted white oak.   However, our white oak supply was extremely back-ordered then, and she needed something ASAP.   

After a lot of discussions and an open mind, she agreed to try the 6″ red oak rift & quarter sawn flooring that we had in stock.   


I’ve written a full blog you can read about all the various benefits of choosing red oak.   Quick summary here:  

  1. Great Value for a rift & quarter sawn floor. 
  2. Red Oak is traditionally a popular flooring option. 
  3. There are more red oak trees available than white oak! 
  4. It’s a  modern option- red oak is heavier toward rift sawn
  5. Red Oak does have beautiful color & stains well. 

The Craftsman

One reason why I love working with Leanne is that she is open to ideas on various flooring options.  She’s used our R&Q Beech and various White Oak floors for projects.   She’s out to find the best value for her customer, and she can make it look amazing.   This project was no different.   

This was Leanne’s first red oak floor with us, and I was slightly worried she wouldn’t be happy.   White is her everything!   One day, after the flooring was delivered, she texted me and asked if I’d be upset if they painted the floor white.    I wanted to cry!  I reached out to some installers, friends at NWFA and  Bona to see what they could suggest helping Leanne achieve the look she envisioned.    

Together we figured it out, and I’m so thankful she is pleased with the result!

She wanted something to whiten the floor.  She decided to go with Bona Nordic Seal,  and I agree it was an excellent choice!  It turned out amazing.  It was fun to go see the house when it was all finished and sit down and chat.   Her goal with her website is providing the tools for people to create beautiful designs on their own.   Hopefully she will inspire you to use Rift & Quarter Sawn Red Oak!


She said her biggest win of the house was the flooring!  

*Note she said Allegheny Millwork, not Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring, but we made the flooring.  Allegheny Millwork is a local lumber yard and they do also sell our flooring. 

Red Oak R&Q Clear 6in
Red Oak R&Q Clear

This was the 5th floor we’ve worked with Leanne on!  I can’t wait to see what she does with the next one.  


Leanne Ford & Jessica Hickman Fresch

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