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FSC Certified Flooring is the international gold standard for green certified wood floors. This certification is required for LEED building projects or Passive Homes.  The certification is a result of arduous annual audits for various environmental and social requirements.  It is basically proof that we grow more trees than we harvest.  The certification also reflects that we are acting as good stewards to the environment and our community in various other ways.

AMHF is 100% FSC Certified as we have custody of the wood from the forest, through the mill and flooring plant.

In 1999, Hickman Lumber was the first sawmill in Pennsylvania to become FSC certified through SmartWood.

Why buy FSC Certified Products?

Your purchasing power will help save our forests. Letting other forest product companies, your customers, and the public know that you are actively supporting certified forest practices. As more companies and individuals are empowered to make a difference and support responsible forestry, the entire planet will benefit. Purchasing certified lumber and flooring helps to ensure future generations the opportunity to enjoy our forests for their own intrinsic beauty and values, as well as clean air to breathe and minimize C02 in the atmosphere.

Notable Projects with our FSC Flooring

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