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I was fortunate to meet Kenny with CHP Hardwood in 2019 when he and Chase from Horizon Distributors came up for our annual Hickman Woods tour.   We both have toddler girls close in age and had a lot of stories to talk about toddler disasters and how great hardwood floors hold up with them. 

CHP, Inc is a family owned business that is comprised of 3 generations of hardwood technicians.   Their family and company’s values paralleled ours, loyalty, honesty, hard work and respect.   Kenny had used our flooring prior to the visit and appreciated the quality milling and the beauty of the wood. However, after touring the mill and seeing how sustainable our flooring product was, he was hooked.   He was excited to get his customers to know more about the Hickmanwoods / Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring story.

Later that fall, we teamed up with Bona and presented a 2-hour lunch and learn at a cool little winery in Norfolk.   I did my presentation about the woods, the sustainability, how we cut and dry the lumber and why we make a good flooring product.  Then Dave Darche presents his about installation and finishing.  It is a great team effort lunch & learn, and Kenny brought together a great group of people within the industry who all enjoyed the presentation (and free wine). 

One designer, Heather, was extremely excited to get on board.  She understood immediately the value of a locally sourced, sustainably sourced, US manufactured product.  Our flooring fit with her design ethic.   She also loved the look of the wood floors!    She and Kenny worked together rehabbing an old building in the Neon District in Norfolk, VA.   It is an artsy hipster neighborhood with some cool old buildings looking for new life.   They truly made art with the floors! 

This floor was with our natural rift & quarter sawn white oak.  

We love working with people who want to use a product that is sustainable because how it was produced and because of the longevity of the product.   We appreciate working with Kenny because he wants to create beautiful works of art with the flooring and is passionate about the wood and all the stories each board has to tell. 


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