What to Expect when You’re Expecting…. FLOORING DELIVERY

Ordering & Delivery from Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring

  • We ship all over the US.
    * Some areas we sell through distributors, some we sell direct to home owners / contractors
    * Pat Best, our plant manager, helped me put together some details here for you on what to expect with delivery.


Call office:    800.867.9441
Send an email from our CONTACT Page.   We’ll return that ASAP.
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  • Speak with a salesperson to help you get the perfect floor to fit your budget, lifestyle, style & time frame.

Ordering:    Order Early!  Standard Lead time as of 2022 is 8-10 weeks.   We have some products in inventory & some are extremely back ordered.  Call and we can discuss.

When you’re ready to order send a Purchase Order or confirm quote details from salesperson are accurate.

We can talk about it all in advance, but we want to make sure, in writing, we get exactly what you order!

What we need to know for Purchase Order / Email Order:

Total Square footage

Species, Grade, Width(s), length,

Pick up or Delivery  –  Exact Delivery Address.

Contact Name & Number of someone on site @ time of delivery — they will need to unload

Date you’d like it shipped.

We will confirm order & send confirmation

Deposit required to place order.
Payment in full before delivery
Pay with check, cash, credit card,   –  call office to pay with Credit Card 724.867.9441

flooring - part of it installed, part still in bundles to be installed.
Random Width White Oak Live Sawn Flooring – part of flooring installed, part still in bundles to be installed.

DELIVERY Information

The Drivers DO NOT unload.

  • We will do our best to get this to you whenever you need it

  • We can typically hold your flooring until you’re ready

  • It’s always best to order early.  Standard lead time is 8-10 weeks, but this will vary depending on order.   Could be less, could be longer.

Low Down on How Residential Delivery Works:  

With an LTL carrier:

Typical Carrier like FedEx Freight or Conway Freight
When a shipment goes out on an LTL carrier for residential delivery…..

….. After they pick up at AMHF it gets to the terminal nearest to you. The freight company will call you to schedule the delivery. That way they know someone will be there to unload it. The truck will pull up in front of your house….it will stay on the street. They are not permitted to go onto private driveways for liability reasons.

The driver will open the door and show you your flooring load. He does not unload…..he may or may not help you depending on many variables including….how his morning has gone, how he has gotten treated since he arrived at your address, how did his wife treat him last night, did his boss give him any grief this morning, did he get a wink from the receptionist when he got to work,  yada, yada , yada…….the main one being ……How he has gotten treated since he got to your place…….

The goal ….once he gets there, is to get it off of the truck as quickly as you can so he can get on to his next stop.

What You Need To Do:  Someone gets inside the truck…….. Hand it to someone on the ground and make a pile there….. or back a pickup up to his trailer and make a stack in it so you can drive it up to your house.   Each load has an allotted time limit for unloading based on the weight and volume of the shipment.    I’m sure there is some sort of algebraic equation to calculate that out that only truck drivers are smart enough to figure out.

Anyways…..don’t waste time carrying it into the house as you unload. (Unless you have a couple extra helpers there to do that)……that way the driver won’t have to start his stop watch to see if he can charge extra for a detention charge. You’ll have plenty of time to get it in the house after he leaves.

Sounds scarier than it is……… The flooring is all bundle is managable sizes.

Standard Nested Bundles:    White Oak:  3lbs / SF

Nested Bundles

2 1/4″ – 3″

21 sf


18.67 sf


17.5 sf


21 sf


24.5 sf


18.67 sf

Very manageable bundle sizes…..shouldn’t be difficult at all if you have a couple extra people there to help.

OPTION B………..It could be picked up at the freight terminal.
That would be a little less expensive ….maybe $70.00 or so and it would be available to be picked up one day sooner.

 OPTION C … Hire a hot shot.  We have a local guy who will make trips to Pittsburgh, New York, Philly, DC, etc.  If you’re relatively local this is a great option.   Price is more expensive, but there’s less time pressure and delivery time is more exact.   He still doesn’t help unload though.

OPTION D .. Pick up yourself.
Flooring Plant address: 4478 Route 38 N Emlenton, PA 16373

After it has been loaded I will email you a copy of the BOL just in case you want to go online and track it.
Let me know if you have any questions  –  we are happy and accustomed to helping everyone throughout the process.

Long Length 7' - 12' Getting ready to ship Nested Bundles up to 7' ave. 42"
Leonard is getting order packed and ready for  delivery  —  This is an order of mostly Long Length 7′-12′.   Our Nested Bundles are up to 7′ ave. 42″.

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