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Direct From Our Forest To Your Home

We are a fourth-generation manufacturer, family-owned business in the heart of Northern Appalachian hardwood country in western PA. Through sustainable timber management, our family has owned, harvested, worked, lived, and played in these hardwoods since the 1930s. 

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We specialize in rift & quarter sawn and live sawn hardwood flooring. We can offer this top-quality product because we have complete control of the manufacturing process, from the forest through the sawmill, dry kilns, and the milling of the hardwood flooring.

Our hardwood flooring is trusted by top installers across the country for museums and government buildings and is the flooring of choice for builders’ and installers’ personal homes. We are looking forward to working with you to meet your flooring needs. Whether you are a homeowner, designer, or contractor, we can help you choose the right hardwood flooring for your home or business.

The Hickmanwoods Family of Companies

We Sustainably Manage Our Own Timberland

Hickman Timber Management was formed in 1994 to manage our forestlands and land for private and public landowners. Selective harvesting and other sustainable timber management practices from our FSC® Certified forests ensure that we grow more trees than we harvest.

Demand for products, like our flooring, sourced from these local timber stands support the continued use of land for forests. As long as landowners can realize economic value from their land, they’ll continue to maintain the land for this use and not turn it over to other sources of income (like development) that would put the forest at risk. Our forest lands hold too many social, economic, and environmental benefits to risk losing. We would love to manage your land as well.  Learn More about our timber management services. 

Logs are Processed into Lumber and Kiln Dryed

Hickman Lumber was founded in 1938.   It was completely rebuilt after two devasting fires in the 1980s. At this time, we began to specifically cut for Rift & Quarter Sawn. We rebuilt the mill with a slant line bar and horizontal resaw to develop a better R&Q product.    

The entire tree is utilized during the process. The bark is sold to landscapers, scraps are sent to paper mills, and the sawdust is used to create the energy for our dry kilns.

Hickman Lumber has a reputation of cutting and more importantly drying high quality lumber. The Rift and Quarter Sawn lumber was mostly sold to American and Japanese furniture companies in the 1980s and 1990s. This market changed and forced Hickman Lumber to find new customers. This led to the start of Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring.

Lumber is Crafted into Quality Hardwood Fooring

Allegheny Mountain, founded in 2000, works directly with parent companies Hickman Lumber & Hickman Timber Management in Emlenton, PA. We select the premier timber and lumber for our flooring, which most flooring companies cannot afford to do. Throughout the entire milling process, we have various steps of quality control testing, saving you time and money with easier installation and less waste.

Wood Flooring is undoubtedly the best flooring option for your home for various reasons. When you invest in our FSC® Certified hardwood flooring, you are investing in the value of your home, the health of your family, and the health of our country and planet.

Quality Manufactured in the USA

All of our wood is grown and manufactured in Emlenton, Pennsylvania, USA. Sourced from local, sustainably managed FSC® Certified forests, milled & dried at our own sawmill, Hickman Lumber. We guarantee the finest quality wood floors in the industry.  

Caring for the Environment

Since Harry Hickman started logging in the 1930’s until today, the Hickman family has always cared for and respected our hardwood forests as a valuable, renewable resource worth protecting.

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