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Wood: The Only Renewable Building Material

Pennsylvania has plenty of trees and our FSC process ensures that we are growing more than we harvest and that 100% of the tree is utilized in production from the forest to floor.

What is FSC Forest Certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that accredits third-party certifiers such as the Rainforest Alliance. Forest management operations that meet the FSC principles and criteria for environmental, economic, and social standards are awarded the FSC certification seal as well as the third-party certification seal. Operations that purchase and sell FSC-certified products can achieve certification when they meet Chain-of-Custody standards.

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Timber Management

Responsible forestry and caring for the environment isn’t something new to Hickman Lumber. We’ve been managing our own lands in a responsible manner for over fifty years. FSC Certification now allows us to promote responsible forestry to our customers and other forest land owners. Hickman Lumber is now proud to offer our FSC certification as positive proof that the wood you buy comes from a well-managed forest.

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