Budget Shopping for High Quality Hardwood Flooring

The perfect floor floor for your home is one that is functional, beautiful, high quality and fits your budget. The floor is the focal point and foundation of home design and function. When someone walks into your home the first feature seen is the floor. That is where you want the initial wow factor. Creatively using Allegheny Mountain Hardwood Flooring can make this this a real possibility for you!

There are a variety of flooring options you can mix throughout your home to fit your design and budget. Buying a new floor is not a spontaneous decision. It takes time and thought. A real wood floor can last over 100 years in your home.  It is worth getting a quality floor and it is possible to get one from us within most budgets.  That’s where we can help you with your plan.  Check out our getting started page on our website and give us a call.

Pittsburgh Row House Design

Here is an example, a local couple in Pittsburgh had the opportunity to renovate and old row house in a trendy neighborhood.  They decided to install a different style of hardwood flooring on each of their 3 floors to help get the design they want and still stay within their budget. They used white oak throughout the whole house to preserve some general consistency and together we worked out some variation to help fit their budget and design.

You enter the home and see a gorgeous white oak rift & quarter sawn herringbone floor.   Their grand piano looks very elegant sitting on this very cool floor.  They added a  border to pull the room together.

On the 2nd story they installed a 3” R&Q Clear grade white oak floor. This floor has a very clean and formal feel to it as well. It compliments the herringbone on the first floor, but is less expensive.  All the knots are sorted out in this grade and it has uniform color consistency. 

For the 3rd floor they decided to save even more money and go with our 3″ white oak live sawn floor.  This floor is less expensive because it includes all the sound knots and color variation in the wood.   It’s still an absolutely beautiful floor and adds value and quality to the home, but it helped pull together the final flooring cost to come within their budget.  

budget flooring home RQ white oak

They used the same clear Bona finish throughout each floor to keep consistency.   They loved the natural color of the wood and did not add any stain to the floors.  This typically will also help with the installation cost. 

live sawn white oak

This is the solution we worked out with this couple. Every situation and home is different. We have families who want wide plank, long length floors throughout the house and in some cases that just doesn’t fit the budget. That doesn’t mean you should lower your standards and buy a cheaper, lower quality floor that may cause a lifetime of problems.  We’ve worked with couples and figured out a mix of longer lengths for the main part of their home and in the upstairs kids room we do shorter boards. 

Our vertical integration from our sawmill to our flooring allows us to offer a high quality flooring.  Our lower cost flooring options are the natural grade, narrow widths, and shorter lengths.  These products are equal in quality, but are less expensive because of supply and demand.  

Our sales team is happy to work with you and your budget. In most cases it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too! The best thing to do is to talk with us and explore the variety of options available.


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