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Aspen is a medium sized tree with mostly smooth bark and is chalk white to yellow-green in color. A species that more commonly known as, Quaking Aspen because its leaves flutter in the slightest breeze. It has an unbelievably wide growing range, mostly from the Northern Belt, stretching from Newfoundland to Alaska’s Yukon River. Aspen groves are clonal flowering plants, like Beech.  

Aspen is Perfect for Ceilings & Walls

Aspen WallsAspen Walls
Aspen Wall
Aspen WallsAspen Walls
Aspen Wall
Aspen CeilingAspen Ceiling
Aspen Ceiling
Aspen CeilingAspen Ceiling
Aspen Ceiling
Aspen CeilingAspen Ceiling
Aspen Ceiling
Aspen Ceiling and WallsAspen Ceiling and Walls
Aspen Ceiling and Walls
Aspen WallAspen Wall
Aspen Wall
Aspen Wall, Whitehall CampgroundAspen Wall, Whitehall Campground
Aspen Wall, Whitehall Campground

Characteristics & Specifications

Aspen Characteristics

  • Too soft to be used as flooring but great option for ceiling or walls.
  • Fine-grained, straight, and uniform in texture.
  • Generally lacks a distinct pattern.
  • Offered in T&G millrun grade.

Aspen Specifications

  • Availability: Solid
  • Source: Western PA, Northern Appalachian White Oak
  • Cut: Plain Sawn
  • Grades: Millrun
  • Edge: Square Edge, Micro bevel, hand crafted edge
  • Milling: Tongue & Groove
  • Surface: Unfinished, hand scraped, wire brush, circle sawn

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